#LoveWins | Bromo Seltzer Arts Tower

Marissa couldn’t help whisper to Marcus about everything and anything. Marcus couldn’t stop looking at Marissa and give her a smile at any point she looked at him. Their connection is undeniable. Being apart of their engagement shoot was such an honor.

Not only was their connection beyond doubt but they have an unimaginable story behind them. Marcus saved Marissa’s life in Charlottesville by pushing her out of the way of the car that plowed into the crowd of protesters. It resulted in him getting hit and his leg mangled from the impact. The woman who died from the car attack, Heather Heyer was going to be Marissa’s bridesmaid in her and Marcus’ wedding. Hate can do unimaginable, horrible things but these two have persevered by pushing forward with the message of Love Wins. They are currently suing the driver of the car, the KKK and the white supremacist group that held the rally. This court fight will last years, I personally have to thank them for their bravery.

Love certainly does win and I can only wish that for Marcus and Marissa as well as our country moving forward <3

Laser cut #lovewins sign: Ever Laser
Marcus’ Suit: Aspetto
Hair for Marissa: Reyuanna Harper
Make up for Marissa: Shanelle Squire



love is at our core.

hell yes, we are lgbtq+ friendly

hell yes, we are lgbtq+ friendly