Timeless Baltimore City Engagement

These two are very special to me.

I have known Jon all of my life. His father worked with my mom at a small college in Maryland and since then our families have intertwined together for years on end. He has 9 sisters…yup that is right…9 (+2 brothers)! Three of them are my sister’s ages and my age, where we have been inseparable since birth. His family is currently all over the place so its been hard to get all together at once, but when it happens it is such a joyous occasion. Jon is someone you can always come to for guidance, trust, or just a good ole’ bear hug. He is a phenomenal musician and a wiz at ultimate frisbee.

Lilly…beautiful Lilly. I finally met Lilly at Jon’s sister’s wedding in St. Louis. It had been a long time coming to meet since Jon and Lilly had lived right down the street from me for quite some time and just never got around to meeting! But when we did, it was like she was apart of the crew all along. Lilly is such a light in my life. She is always up for a dance party, supportive to the ends of the earth, and always smiling.

Together they are dancing partners, running buddies, all around best friends that can’t wait to take on the world <3

love is at our core.

hell yes, we are lgbtq+ friendly

hell yes, we are lgbtq+ friendly