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First Dance Songs That Aren’t By Ed Sheeran

Want a first dance song that stands out among all your friend’s weddings? I want that for you too <3 Here’s some tips to find a first dance song that suits you and your partner, plus a couple of my favorites.

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  1. Perhaps you remember a song that played in the background during your first date? That also could be a fun fact to include in any of the paper designs needed throughout your wedding. So that your guests know exactly where your first dance song came from!
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2. Any concerts that you and your partner attended that just made for an amazing night? Use one of those band’s songs to start the dancing off right.

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3. Maybe it relates to your wedding venue? One of my couples got married on a steamboat and went down river for the reception. Their first dance song was “River” By Leon Bridges.

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4. Maybe you or your partner’s parents had a great first dance song and now you want to continue on the tradition <3

5. Or go HAM and choreograph a dance together to a fun dance song!

Here are some songs ideas from my own music library!

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Hope you enjoyed these songs as much as I do <3

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hell yes, we are lgbtq+ friendly

hell yes, we are lgbtq+ friendly