Why Dressing for Comfort is the Best During an Engagement Session

A lot of my clients ask me what they should wear during their engagement session. My answer always is “whatever you are comfortable in”. Because an engagement session should focus on how you and your partner interact most naturally! These photos will showcase who you two are in an everyday setting.

Below are some of my favorite outfits that my clients chose for their engagement sessions.

A flowy dress like what Holly is wearing adds phenomenal movement and is perfect for some great spinning… especially because her fiancĂ©, Davis, is kickass dancer.


FLATS! FLATS! FLATS! They are amazing because we can move so much faster and do a whole lot more moving poses, adding more variety to your images. Heels can get in the way, especially when walking around in Baltimore with the historic cobblestones that we may come across!

Jeans are always a staple. The ability to run, jump, and skip makes for some playful photos. Also off the shoulder sweaters really adds classy skin reveal.

Peacoats are just classic and cozy when those cold days just won’t quit. Plus it makes for easy moving when lassoing for the “Jump On It” dance <3

Colors: matching colors is fun! Also makes for great tones in images. This sweet duo nailed it 😉

Let’s not forget about your partner!
– Leather boots are comfortable and shows off some slick style
– Jeans with a patterned button down is always a great go-to
– A clean Chino pant gives some stretch to any movement/motion
– Lastly sweaters give off a great cozy feel

But really what it comes down to is you and your fiancĂ©’s love. And these photos do a deep dive into that, the best kind of comfort is being yourself. You look best when you are you <3

love is at our core.

hell yes, we are lgbtq+ friendly

hell yes, we are lgbtq+ friendly