Wedding Moments: From Tearjerkers to the Unexpected

Wedding moments come and go really fast, its how your photographer captures them that makes them last.

Here are some of my favorite wedding moments that stood out to me in the past couple of months!

First look with dad <3



Knowing their deep connection with God I asked them to pray together right after getting engaged.



Showing off their new bling to each other!

Shot for Lauren Louise Photography


She really wanted snow during their engagement session and logistically it was too hard to make it happen. On the day of we ended up getting those magical flakes after all!Engagement-Photos


Baring it all! Haha



Sharing those lovings feelings in his vows to the woman that is his other half.Custom-Vows


On his wedding day, this groom received a letter from his future wife with adoption papers inside.


Dancing to “Jump On It” in the middle of Mt. Vernon.


Chugging Natty Lights during their engagement session!


Going upside down with joy! This is Armella and Ash’s trick pose!


Breaking of the glass goes a little haywire haha Don’t worry he didn’t miss it the second time!

Shot for Lauren Louise Photography


Dad can’t help but be wow’ed!

Who knows what your wedding day will bring! That is the beauty of it 😀 Head over to my portfolio for more moments! >>>


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hell yes, we are lgbtq+ friendly

hell yes, we are lgbtq+ friendly