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meet corinne

She gives you the space
to feel everything and hold nothing
back on your wedding day.


Corinne has an infectious laugh that instantly makes couples feel at home.

She works tirelessly to make anyone in front of her camera
feel like her best friend, whether it's your shy flower girl
or awkward uncle. During formal photos, you won't be disappointed at her ability to make the uncomfortable
seem natural. But her best work is done on the dance floor.
She can always party with us!"



To me the most amazing thing about two people getting married is not only that they found each other but that they accept one another. I love how every single person in this world is different. When two people are able to bring those differences together and create a life, joining as one, it is as beautiful as it is unique.

I love weddings just so I can capture this embrace of character and explore the story that got you to this point. Together let’s have the core of your love shine true!

Documentary photography has reinvented the ways of wedding photography and rightfully so - it's the most original yet contemporary and paradigmatic way to approach an event and achieve genuine, characteristic, emotional, and candid photographs. While this 19th century photography style is all the modern-day rage, the truth is, is that it's not for everyone. As a wedding photographer myself, I urge all my clients to fully understand, inside and out, what exactly documentary photography is - what it means, what it looks like, how it's approached, and furthermore what it actually means for the client!

In addition to all of the above, it is vital to the photography process for my couples to understand specifically how I've integrated documentary photography into the experience I deliver!
Simply put, documentary photography includes a hands-off approach where no direction, guidance, or communication is provided by the photographer; thus resulting in authentic, characteristic, candid, natural imagery.

Through my eleven plus years of first-hand experience as a photographer, I've learned that while us humans document our daily lives through our mobile devices, most of us don't actually possess professional camera experience with a professional photographer. Being in front of the camera is an especially vulnerable act which is all the more reason as to why I strongly feel as though it's vital that clients feel supported and guided through communication from the photographer navigating them through the entirety of the experience. Furthermore, it's an unrealistic expectation of the photographer to expect the client to be confident and comfortable posing, directing, and prompting themselves. 

Instead, I've found much more success in providing a hybrid documentary photography experience where I am directive and supportive in my approach, and provide guidance when necessary. All in conjunction with a hands-off documentary approach that includes observing, existing, and documenting from a distance. 

She facilitates interactions to expand
on the connections you experience with your family, friends and all those present.

Corinne seeks out rich moments.
Moments that you are truly present for.

 To feel that you can be your authentic self through unique,
fun, and personal techniques. she wants couples to connect
with one another just as they always do, reminding them about those first points of connection that made them want to be together in the first place.

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