6 First Dance Songs That Aren’t By Ed Sheeran

Want a first dance song that stands out among all your friend’s weddings? I want that for you too <3 Here’s some tips to find one that suits you and your partner plus a couple of my favorites.

  1. Perhaps you remember a song that played in the background during your first date?
  2. Any concerts that you and your partner attended that just made for an amazing night? Use one of those band’s songs to start the dancing off right.
  3. Maybe it relates to your wedding venue? One of my couples got married on a steamboat and went down river for the reception. Their first dance song was “River” By Leon Bridges.
  4. Maybe you or your partner’s parents had a great first dance song and now you want to continue on the tradition <3
  5. Or go HAM and choreograph a dance together to a fun dance song!


Here are some songs ideas from my own music library!

Shot for Lauren Louise Photography

You & Me is a great one! Dave Matthews smooth voice is always a crowd pleaser. The lyrics are romantic as hell and the upbeat tempo doesn’t make it feel like the song is going on forever.

Alright I am a little nervous to share this one…because it is my favorite song of all time and I don’t want everyone and their mother to steal it lol. But the lyrics are incredible and if you wait til the very end the guitar solo just makes you want to dance it out! One day I hope it will be my first dance song with my future partner.

Dermot Kennedy’s voice is just…ugh…I don’t even know. It hits your soul deep. This song envelopes you in a wave of deep “Closeness”. Its heartfelt and meaningful. Which is what wedding commitments are.


“The Way You Make Me Feel”. I MEAN WHO DOESN’T LOVE CLASSIC MICHAEL??? A great one if you want more of an upbeat, less slow dancy, first dance!

“Chapel Song” is a little literal in terms of a wedding haha The beat almost should be for a movie opener which is like the beginning of a story, the beginning of you and your partner’s story <3

“The Harvest” is just so soft and beautiful. A choir comes in and just emits happy radiance <3

Hope you enjoyed these songs as much as I do <3

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