Love to the Core

Thank you Rodnique

Dear Rodnique,

This was my first time working with you and I can’t believe it will be my only time.

I discovered you through another colleague’s instagram feed and just had to have you in front of my camera.

An opportunity arose to rent an insane loft space in Baltimore City and I immediately thought of you to do some experimenting. I wanted to focus on touch and connection and weird intertwining of body parts.

You brought on Tanya as the other counterpart in my idea and you two came together so seamlessly.

Thinking back on this session I can only highlight you how genuine you were, how intuitive your movements were, and how much of a beautiful soul you were.

I am so sad that you never got to see the rest of these images. That was my fault 🙁 But I hope the images you got to see brought light into your world and I can’t thank you enough for your kind words from your last post.

I will miss you tremendously. The talent you brought to the table was limitless, so incredible.

Goodbye sir.


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