Planning Tips

If your ceremony is outside makes sure the start time happens no more than 3 hours before sunset to ensure the best lighting for your photos. Lighting is everything!

There is definitely pros and cons to first looks. I personally think they are cool because it allows you and your significant other to have a moment together alone because before you know it the day will be over, it goes by so fast. This allows you to reflect on your journey together and say that you two made it! If a first look isn’t for you and your fiancee then do a first look with your dad, your mom, a brother, or even your bridesmaids or groomsmen. The element of surprise is such a sweet moment and the surprised party will never forget it!

Something else to consider is DJ lighting. Strobes, track lights, light setups that are multiple colors cause terrible color casting on you and your guests faces. Blue or purple faces don't look good on photographs haha. If you still want lights opt for white color track lights to uplight your venue.

Getting ready pictures: find a beautiful venue that also has equally beautiful getting ready rooms! Pick rooms with a lot of windows for the best lighting and your make-up artist will thank you for it too! When the big day comes designate someone to be the clean queen/king to ensure the room is tidy and doesn’t have things laying all over the place. 





No one likes pictures of people eating. Guests want to enjoy their meal and not have a camera in their face. So if the catering company doesn’t feed the photographers at the same time as the bride and groom we just stand there looking really creepy in a corner with nothing to do. I personally like to stay productive, so waiting around for almost an hour is a waste of the coverage you booked. Also if we’re the last to be fed usually we don’t get to eat because toasts will begin (fainting photographers is never good! lol). So contact your caterer beforehand to coordinate when we will be fed and no coverage will be wasted <3 


You and your partner worked so hard on the beautiful details that brought your wedding all together! Let's showcase that and get some amazing details shots. Have your invitations, save the date, jewelry, shoes, flowers, and all the rings together at your getting ready location so I can grab some shots arranging them all <3 


Don't have enough time with your photographer for a sparkler exit? Instead how about some confetti rockets during the ceremony when you are walking back down the aisle as a married couple!! Makes for some awesome celebratory shots that will wow!